Welcome to the Acsell Product Filters demo store.

The WooCommerce plugin is flexible and fast, even with thousands of products.

We've put together some demo categories with up to 10,000 products so you can test it for yourself.

Take a look at the custom sections, where different filters have been set up and some CSS has been used to vary their appearance.

If you want to know more, browse the information on acsell.com.

60 Products

This page is typical of many shop pages with a small number of products. Any filtering is instant.

1500+ Products

This section has a lot of products. Performance is very quick when filtering.

Only a limited number of products are loaded initially, and any gaps when scrolling or filtering are soon filled in by calling the server.

Custom filters

Acsell Product Filters makes it easy to set up custom filters for individual categories. There are some examples below. These also use custom CSS classes to give some ideas on how the filter UI can be changed.


The Shop page shows filtering with all 10,000 products in the shop. This demonstrates the raw performance of Acsell Product Filters.

More about Acsell Product Filters

Features you need. Packaged into the fastest filter plugin on the market.
Easy to set up and fully manageable – no developer knowledge needed.